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Mission Statement

For us, quality is at the core of what we do. Starting as a pharmaceutical business, SIRIO fully appreciates the strict controls needed when it comes to quality management – from the sourcing of raw materials, along the entire supply chain, up to placing the product on the market.


Over 200 associates within the SIRIO group work in Quality. All quality laboratories are equipped with instruments for running HPLC-, GC-, spectroscopic and other chemical analyses as well as microbiological testing, particle size distribution, drug delivery simulation and testing physical parameters.

Standardized Quality Assurance (QA) of all products, combined with continuous monitoring and optimized processes, is a central component of our quality management. All our processes are documented and traceable.

For Quality Control (QC), SIRIO utilizes effective quality management and monitoring throughout the entire production process to prevent any contamination or deviation from quality standards, e.g.

21 international certifications

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